Skateboarding is incredibly popular in Cuba, however the country faces one small problem: they can’t import skateboards. Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown, and Chris Colbourn travel to Cuba with the Elemental Awareness Foundation to link up with the non-profit Cuba Skate, help build a DIY skate park for the locals of Havana, and of course- have some fun! Elemental Awareness give back trips are designed to support skateboarding at the community level where skateboarding is popular but access to skateboards is limited or non-existent.  Scroll down to see our gallery of photos by Dylan Christopher and Andrea Dosouto >>> 

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Summer is just around the corner, and we're gearing up to head back to our favorite place on earth: Element Skate Camp!  Whether you are a mega shredder or just getting on your board for the first time, Element Skate Camp offers a wide range of activities including Wilderness Survival, Photography, Art, Music and of course... SKATEBAORDING!!!   Head to Skatecamp.org and register today!


Every year the Elemental Awareness crew crams our van full of dudes, a bunch of skateboards, lots of crafting materials, a dog, and hits the road for a week in the Sonoran Desert at Wintercount skills gathering.

Traditionally Winter Counts are pictorial calendars used by by Native Americans which depict important happenings and events that occur over time. An illustrated history if you will...

Although this Winter Count isn't a Calendar, it is a gathering of creative people where many important things take place. More specifically, it is one of the largest primitive skills gatherings in the country; people come from far and wide to teach, learn, and share information about the ancient ways of living. We spend the week taking classes and learning new skills that we can bring back to our Wilderness Program at Element Skate Camp.

We also get to bring skateboarding to the primitive skills community, something that some accept more than others... I understand, some don't see the connection. However, in our defense (if you think about it) skateboarding came from surfing, which is a primitive Polynesian activity that predates european contact- so really we are just practicing an updated ancient sport. Right? 


Sunstone Visions would like to pay homage to the Native people protecting the water and scared sites against the Dakota Access Pipeline and to all indigenous people around the world. The short film was directed, shot, and cut by Skyler Hayes Anselmo who went to Standing Rock in November 2016.  He is of the Akimel O’otham, “River People”, community in Arizona and originally from LA. He is currently a student at the University of Denver, majoring in Film and Emergent Digital Practices. Skyler has spent time as an intern for Elemental Awareness throughout the years and we are very proud of him and the work he is doing.  #NODAPL


For the past decade, Elemental Awareness has sent groups of kids from underserved communities to Element Skate Camp. We believe that Skate Camp is one of the best places on earth, and that anyone can benefit from the experience of skateboarding in nature. This video focuses on a group of kids we brought up from South Central Los Angeles for a week at camp. Some of them had never been outside of LA, let alone seen the giant redwoods, or the Milky Way.  It was an unforgettable experience, not only for the kids involved, but for us as well. We would like to give a special thanks to the New Balance Foundation for helping make this trip a reality, and for their continued support.  Video production by Bone & Gold

Outpost Event in Bodega Bay

Elemental Awareness spent this past weekend up in Bodega Bay at the Outpost event putting on an Outdoor Skills workshop.  The Outpost is a one of a kind retreat on the edge of the wilderness which brings together like-minded brands, creatives, artists and athletes for a three day getaway.  There were all sorts of outdoor retail brands in attendance, but the weekend was more geared towards connecting with people, not featuring products or selling goods.  It was really amazing to see how people interact and connect by spending time in Nature instead of in an office… Big thanks to Jeff, Eric at Uneri and everyone who made this event a great one.  We can’t wait for next year! Photos by Monica Semergiu.

EA X HHF Scholarships

For the past 5 years, Elemental Awareness and the Harold Hunter Foundation have been teaming up to get kids from New York City out to California for a week in the woods at Element Skate Camp.  This year we were able to get 5 kids out to camp.  It was an incredible experience for everyone and we are thankful that the boys had an amazing experience.  Thanks again to HHF and everyone else who helped make the possible.


This past weekend we had the honor of holding a giveback event with the Boise Skate Association and the Rescue Mission to give away 25 completes to deserving children in the Boise, Idaho area. Element Pro Chad Tim Tim came out and held a skate clinic for the board recipients. Element has set up a satellite shop at 304 Americana, right across the street from the new Rhodes skate park, so we'll surly be back soon.  


For the past decade, Elemental Awareness has sent groups of kids from underserved communities to Element Skate Camp. We believe that Skate Camp is one of the best places on earth, and that anyone benefits from the experience of skateboarding in nature. This year we brought 10 kids from South Central Los Angeles up with us for a week at camp. Some of them had never been outside of LA, let alone seen the giant redwoods, or the milky way. It was an amazing week! 


Another summer is upon us at Element YMCA Skate Camp, and we can’t wait to skate by the lake for the 30th year! Join us for an epic summer experience on Sequoia Lake that includes 6 skate courses and programming you won’t find anywhere else such as Elemental Awareness. All this at a newly reduced weekly rate! Visit the SKATE CAMP WEBSITE for all the dates. details and Element team rider appearances. Camp kicks off July 10th!


Last November, EA visited the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) and held a skateboard event at the Sacaton skate park.  Inspired by the turn out and the passion the kids have for skateboarding in Gila River, some of the skateboard "elders" have put on a few events to keep the stoke alive. They had an event a few weeks ago.  Check out the video from the event below. 

One of the people responsible for keeping the events going out in Gila River is Reuben Ringlero.  He has been skating all his life and grew up in the area.  He knows what challenges face kids growing up in the area and feels skateboarding is a positive outlet for native youth.  Check out the video that Reuben made from our visit to the GRIC (see below).  Big thanks to Reuben and all the skateboarders who are spreading positivity through skateboarding out on the Rez.


Every year we bring our instructors, interns, and Element team riders to the Sonoran desert outside of Phoenix, AZ to spend a week at Winter Count primitive skills gathering. Winter Count is one of the largest gatherings of wilderness guides, outdoor enthusiasts and primitive living practitionersand here we learn valuable skills to take back and teach at our wilderness program at Element Skate Camp.