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E.A. Leadership Retreat


On March 19th 2015, Elemental Awareness took a hand full young adults who have expressed interest or are currently working with youth up to Element Skate Camp for a 4 day camping retreat.  The weekend was full of Skating, workshops, hiking and storytelling around the fire.  While we were at Element Skate Camp, the camp facilities such as water, electricity and bathrooms were unavailable.  This means we had to pack our own water, food, tents and toiletries.  This made for a more rustic camping experience than normal.  We started the weekend as individuals excited for the weekend and left friends who have shared experiences and shared goals for the future. Thanks so much for everyone who was involved in making this trip a success.




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Elemental Awareness Scholarship Recipients at Skate Camp

This summer, Elemental Awareness Foundation sent up kids from less fortunate areas to Element YMCA Skate Camp for a week in the mountains.  We feel that this experience can be life changing and open kids up to a whole new world that is out there just waiting to be explored.  Check out the photos and video from this year’s lucky kids who got an all expenses paid trip to one of our favorite places in the world, Element YMCA Skate CampClick here for more photos.

Elemental Awareness provides scholarships for Inner-City youth


This past summer, the Elemental Awareness Foundation sent 35 kids up to Element YMCA Skate Camp for a week in the woods.  While there, they got to skate and learn about the environment through the Elemental Awareness wilderness education program.  “EA” is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and social consciousness through their programs.  Camp enrollment is now open for the summer of 2012.  Click here for more details about how you can sign up for camp.  To see photos from camp, click here.