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Martin Luther King Jr. Day at MLK Skate Park

This past Monday was a day of remembrance of a man who was responsible for the changing of a nation. We remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his great strides in creating a country where all men and women are treated as equals. We still strive to uphold these values and at times struggle to keep moving forward. Although we have come a long way, we must continue to listen to wisdom of the past. In honor of the Dr.’s message of giving back to your community and treating each other with kindness, we decided to act locally and hook up the kids at MLK Skate Park in Long Beach with some much needed skateboards. It’s the small things that we do everyday that can make the largest impact on the world.

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Elemental Awareness takes it’s interns and instructors to Winter Count, a wilderness skills gathering in the desert outside of Phoenix, every year to train them for the upcoming summer at Element YMCA skate camp. The education that they receive will help them teach the wilderness program at Camp. Special thanks goes out to Dave Wescott and Back Tracks for hosting the event.


Make It Count - Santa Ana

The next stop of the 2011 MAKE IT COUNT International contest series will be held in Santa Ana, CA this Sat! The contest will be held at Santa Ana Park this Sat March 12th! Along with a trip to The Berrics, the overall contest winner will compete against other contest winners for Element Sponsorship at Element YMCA Skate Camp! See you there, and good luck!