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Elemental Awareness in Palm Springs

Elemental Awareness in Palm Springs from Alliance Skatepark on Vimeo.

Elemental Awareness visited our friends at the Palm Springs Skatepark and Community Center.  Kids brought their used skateboard decks, trucks, wheels and hardware and we built completes for less fortunate kids.  We also held a fire demo using the ancient method of the bow drill to create a friction fire…which we also skated.  A ton of other fun activities and contests were held for the kids and a great time was had by all.  Thanks to Rob and the Palm Springs Community center for having us out.  Also a special thanks goes out to The Mountain Tees for providing tee shirts for everyone in attendance.hnhGQzKNBSAbLcYdU3ZOn6nIh3GIAmNe1zmpo25Wpfc,Bgw-_ZJFd2r7Hvxft_9pJkyvTcYqYDASLByFV4L8TMA,CQLo4K--PQZcz9Ek4cClmEWHDx33AWjd1gamH5C_MZIRVyeYACgt75TGwbc4banVi3xFZt0D020Erlv7SWE5o0,YBCXGJXL8o0IIW46FMuxmhIwimr8zNr30T3m3kw2nu0,6kbE14g-2KPgbGEYO7lRF9KKGXcHuPev-r7LtARdR70hqUgWUN2ritgnV4T8AL2m_FySSKnlNIfjzrsFB5g7b4,FbIeoENL5EBVyd0Dc9kKU3LDXKciBjZCKMEP956j5CU,Vrut3RWV6VTpPgchxDAXvGdUbMWwU_N6jK9IOU77oVskMJJWwbYLC4slB4S5inz39JcdGs98vsDvgpGm_DA6ak,AVMRi4ytB5eqxALZtCBNcjeYdUQhjVNGgeUmkgNTU4EFf1A_Bdw8C347FIjw4-7tHLceuiwu2dYcx00IQ5V8MI,FZxw9OnMxLzgrr60-YNSmMyFixNZmWYrARRNA1LKO60,D6FNUlVn4Ci5Q8r5bZsCbwBMgzp3i_8P5-LdkB4W2KMZAJ1fsAIZP6NCV1mK0FIOmrY__-G5OVEi2DzY3GsEvc,wfdaAxNksg296HV5fjd4E6jNhKaXjfK0CV_0d4GFWP8,QJ5YeEIgpiEmmFE91ok5Nlas9470JluK5E9HRHzvH1k

Holiday event at South Coast Plaza

IMG_4603South Coast Plaza brings in kids from local community centers across orange county through their Festival of Children Foundation.  This year, they invited Elemental Awareness to be a part of the give back event.  Kids had the opportunity to create skateboard graphics with the EA staff and in return, they got Element cruiser boards for a special holiday surprise.  The night was filled with creativity and smiles.  By the end of the night, tons of kids were skating around on their new boards.  Thanks to the Festival of Children for letting us be a part of the festivities.IMG_1806 IMG_1804 IMG_1826

Elemental Awareness visits kids at CHOC Hospital

IMG_6810Elemental Awareness visited  the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) to hang with some really great kids for the day.  Artistic creativity and skateboarding were the focus of the visit and the kids came up with some really great skateboard graphics.  Art of Board was also there unveil an art piece for the hospital.  At the end of the day, smiles and high fives and new friends rained down on all who were involved.  Thanks to CHOC for having us out for the day.


Elemental Awareness in Watts

UnknownElemental Awareness long time family member PJ Harris has been running an after school skate program on South Central Avenue in Watts, CA for the past 7 years. PJ has been an important part of skateboarding in his community and we love to support him in his efforts to spread positivity through skateboarding. Levi Brown, Chad Tim Tim and the rest of the EA crew recently went up to Watts for a visit to skate, donate some skate obstacles and stoke the kids out with skate product. The Mountain was also there giving tee shirts and high fives away to all the kids. The day was a blast and everyone who came out had a great time. Special thanks to PJ Harris, Heidi Lemmon and everyone who is making a positive difference in their community.


EA visits Lawndale High School Skate Club

Lawndale2Elemental Awareness linked up with Element Pro Chad Tim Tim and Skate Camp Director Andy Dicker to visit the Lawndale High School Skate Club. Students from Lawndale High School started a skate club that meets every week. They invited us out to tell them about how to pursue skateboarding as a career. The theme of the day was “Find something you love and never stop doing it“. It was a great day and we left the school that day just as stoked as the kids. We even all got kicked out of a skate spot all together to end the day…Classic. Special Thanks goes out to Elissa Finch for helping facilitate the Skate Club as a Teacher of Lawndale High.