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Winter Count 2014

The Elemental Awareness Foundation staff rolls out to Winter Count every year to spend a week in the Desert outside of Phoenix, AZ. Winter Count is one of the largest gathering of wilderness guides, outdoor enthusiasts and primitive living practitioners. Some come to the gathering to prep for the Zombie Apocalypse while others are there to learn the ancient ways of living. We spend the week learning new skills to take back with us to teach at skate camp through the Elemental Awareness Wilderness Program. Campers will learn shelter building, fire by friction, water purification and natural foraging for food. Check out the photos from our week out in Arizona and be sure to sign up for Element YMCA Skate Camp this summer.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day at MLK Skate Park

This past Monday was a day of remembrance of a man who was responsible for the changing of a nation. We remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his great strides in creating a country where all men and women are treated as equals. We still strive to uphold these values and at times struggle to keep moving forward. Although we have come a long way, we must continue to listen to wisdom of the past. In honor of the Dr.’s message of giving back to your community and treating each other with kindness, we decided to act locally and hook up the kids at MLK Skate Park in Long Beach with some much needed skateboards. It’s the small things that we do everyday that can make the largest impact on the world.

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Holiday Give Back for a family in Watt’s

Elemental Awareness Family member and Element Skate Camp Director, Andy Dicker and friends continued the tradition of giving back this past holiday season.  Over the summer, Elemental Awareness send three brothers up to Skate Camp on scholarship.  The boys from Intro 2 Skate decided that they were the perfect family to stoke out for the holidays.  We are so proud of Andy, Zach, Solomon and John for going out and making a difference.  After the gifts were bought for the family, the boys were given Element Decks to give to kids at a local skatepark who needed new boards.  They taught the boys that giving can be just as rewarding as receiving.  Click here to check out the photos and video of how they brightened Christmas for Aaron, Omari, Lamar and their family.  Well done Sir’s!

Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe

On Sunday, October 6th Elemental Awareness visited our friends on the Port Gamble S’klallam reservation.  We had Mark Appleyard, Nick Garcia, Evan Smith, Greyson Fletcher, Nassim Guammaz, Alex Lawton and Pat Duffy from Plan B with us in the beautiful setting near Puget Sound.  It was great to see the entire community come out and support skateboarding on the rez.  Both Children and Elders watched as the Element team skated and gifted kids with product donated from Element.  The tribe will be breaking ground on a skatepark this fall thanks to the generous support of the Sheckler Foundation.  Thanks to everyone who came out and ripped with us for the day.  We hope to come back soon!




Elemental Awareness X Rollin Deep Camp

Rollin Deep is a collaborative effort between Intro 2 Skateboarding and Elemental Awareness to instill an appreciation and respect for nature in the hearts and minds of skateboarders.

This past weekend, we had our first rollin deep trip. We packed the van to the brim with gear and five talented young skaters: Berronte Ramirez, Noe Solis, Franky Villani, Michael Schmidt, and Sam Berro. We stayed at the rural Lake Casitas camp grounds. The activities for the weekend included shredding the local Ojai skate park, team building exercises, primitive skills instruction, hiking, swimming, and serious bro’ing down! Thanks to the fine people at Element Skateboards, Levi Brown joined us for the trip to help teach the kids a thing or two. We were able to connect with the kids on a deeper level and create a mentor relationship with them. Special thanks goes out to Andy Dicker, Zac Archuleta and Ryan MacDonald for putting the trip together. For more info on the Rollin Deep Camp, Click Here!